World-class quality and excellence have always been integral to the corporate ethos that has solidified Philsteel’s trusted reputation over the decades.

Philsteel Holdings Corporation stands as the driving force behind pioneering steel manufacturing companies, including Steel Corporation of the Philippines, Philmetal Products, Inc., and Premier Shelter, Inc. Our product lineup features supremely global and proudly local brands like GALVALUME 55, COLORBOND, and GALVABOND PURE ZINC, encompassing pre-painted roof, steel decking, and light gauge framing solutions.


In 1968, the journey of Philsteel Group began with Mr. Uy Pu, the family patriarch, embarked on establishing the family’s galvanizing steel venture in Bohol. This marked the inception of what would evolve into the Philsteel Group of companies.

Fast forward to December 1979, a significant milestone was reached when Philsteel was founded through a collaborative effort with two renowned industrial manufacturing giants from Australia: John Lysaght Australia Ltd. (JLA) and Australia Mining and Smelting Company. This partnership led to the establishment of Philippine Steel Coating Corporation, with the Uy family assuming significant roles as major stockholders and corporate managers.

Within just three months of its incorporation, the construction of a groundbreaking plant commenced. This facility would go on to become the Philippines’ inaugural continuous galvanized and double-coated, double-baked pre-painted steel coil manufacturer. The introduction of the continuous galvanizing line solidified Philsteel’s pivotal role in advancing the country’s iron and steel industry, contributing significantly to its development and modernization.


Our Vision

To achieve market dominance through aggressive Sales and Marketing

Our Mission

We are a manufacturer and supplier of world – class steel products and systems utilizing the best appropriate technology.

Our Customers

We commit to provide, consistently & reliably, best quality products and system that are responsive to their needs at competitive prices and terms.

Our Suppliers and Business Partners

We commit to create alliances and nurture relationships that will promote mutual long- term growth, stability, and profitability.

Our People

We commit to provide opportunities for accelerating their total development and enhancing their well being, in both professional and personal aspects, and to create an organizational climate that encourage learning, productivity and teamwork for our most important assets.

Our Stockholders / Owners

We commit to uphold their vision of being the dominant force in the Philippine economy and the leader in the steel industry, thereby ensuring superior returns on their investments.

Our Commitment to Society

We commit to be a vital instrument for the sustainable development of our country. In this regard, we will be a caring organization preserving the environment, promoting the welfare of the communities where we operate, and acting as a responsible corporate citizen in all our endeavors.

Philsteel: The Power of One Name

A formidable alliance of steel companies united under a single banner.

Philsteel stands as the driving force behind this union, meticulously strategizing and delineating the unique yet essential functions of each company within the organization.

This orchestrated approach enables the seamless collaboration of these companies, working in unison to pursue a shared objective: enhancing the quality of life for Filipinos by spearheading the campaign to elevate Philippine steel products to global excellence.


Quality Roofing For All Filipinos

In the world of construction, the strength and reliability of your materials are paramount. Steelcorp, an integral part of the esteemed Philsteel Group of Companies, stands as a pioneering force in delivering top-notch construction solutions to the Filipino market. Specifically catering to dealers nationwide, Steelcorp takes immense pride in offering a trusted and innovative products – Galvalume55® and Galvabond® , a name synonymous with excellence in roofing and industrial market flat sheet solutions.  Steelcorp is a beacon of reliability and a testament to our commitment to deliver roofing and industrial solutions that meet the highest standards of strength and quality, for the benefit of all Filipinos in the ever-evolving construction landscape.

Your Trusted Name for Top to Bottom Building Product Solutions

Philmetal Products Inc. is your one-stop destination for comprehensive building product solutions, catering to a vast spectrum of industries and sectors. From infrastructures and industrial complexes to mass housing, government projects, institutional facilities, and private sector ventures, we deliver excellence at every level of construction. Our portfolio includes world-class pre-painted roofing solutions, steel decking systems, and light gauge framing. Under the trusted brands of Colorbond®, Galvabond Steeldek®, and the Galvaframe® System, we redefine industry standards, offering innovative products that stand the test of time. With Philmetal, quality and reliability are the cornerstones of our commitment to delivering top-to-bottom building excellence.

Expanding Reach, Building Excellence

Established in 2000 as PHILSTEEL VENTURES, INC. and later evolving into PREMIER SHELTER PRODUCTS, INC., our primary mission is to extend the Philsteel Group’s reach beyond NCR and Metro Cebu. We have strategically implemented roll-forming operations in provincial areas, enhancing our capability to serve regions outside the conventional reach of our sister company, Philmetal. Premier Shelter Products, Inc. brings Philsteel’s commitment to excellence to areas in the Philippines previously underserved. As part of the larger Philsteel family, we are dedicated to providing quality building solutions that contribute to the nation’s growth and progress, ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the best.

Beyond offering building products to various industries and construction segments, the Philsteel Group answered the government’s call for a private sector-led integration of the middle to downstream sector of the local steel industry, regarded as the linchpin of industrialization. Thus, in 1996, Philsteel established the STEEL CORPORATION OF THE PHILIPPINES as an earnest response to the IRON AND STEEL INDUSTRY ACT.

In 1981, the Philsteel Group drew the blueprint of a new company which was envisioned to produce economical and durable building materials comparable to the world’s best. Out of this vision, a company called Philmetal Products, Inc. was established. Philmetal became fully operational in 1990, and is now engaged in roll-forming, slitting, shearing and fabrication of metal building products and systems such as roofing, cladding, floor decking, steel framing system and a host of steel sections and bended accessories that are integral parts of the building products.

In 2000, Philsteel launched PHILSTEEL VENTURES, INC., which later became PREMIER SHELTER PRODUCTS, INC., to support the Group’s sales in areas outside Philmetal’s scope, notably in the provinces outside NCR and Metro Cebu by establishing roll-forming operations in the provinces.



Uy Po, the Uy Family patriarch began building the family’s galvanizing steel business in Bohol, starting the roots that will later on become the Philsteel Group of companies.


The company entered into a joint venture with then two of Australia’s leading industrial manufacturing names: John Lysaght Australia Ltd. (JLA) and Australia Mining and Smelting Company. The partnership gave birth to a company known as Philippine Steel Coating Corporation with the Uy family as major stockholders and corporate managers.


Plant construction commenced on what was to become the Philippines’ first continuous galvanized and double-coated, double-baked pre-painted steel coil manufacturer. With the continuous galvanizing line, it’s pivotal role as a frontliner in the country’s struggle towards the development and modernization of the iron and steel industry was achieved.


Philsteel Group drew the blueprint of a new company which was envisioned to produce economical and durable building materials comparable to the world’s best. Out of this vision, a company called Philmetal Products, Inc. was established and became fully operational in 1990.


Pres. Corazon Aquino enacted Republic Act 7103, also known as the “Iron and Steel Industry Act”, with the objective of supporting the growth of the local steel industry and reviving investor growth. The policy aims to be the catalyst for the growth, promotion and development of the Iron and Steel Industry, which serves as a springboard for Philippine industrialization.


Under the mandate of R.A. 7103, the Government asked Philsteel to jumpstart the country’s industrialization through an integrated iron and steel industry.


Guided by its Chairman’s vision of a more progressive Filipino, Philsteel Holdings organized the STEEL CORPORATION OF THE PHILIPPINES. Steelcorp’s manufacturing plant was built on a sprawling 22- hectares of prime land at the heart of Balayan, Batangas.


Steel Corporation of the Philippines under the helm of Philsteel Holdings pioneered the introduction of roofing technologies in the Philippines using patented, cutting edge technologies. This led to the launch of GALVALUME55®, the first locally produced 55% AL/ZN coated steel coated steel sheet that provides superior roofing protection for Filipinos.

Why is GALVALUME sheet called by other names? Are all of these products the same?

In the Philippines, Philsteel Holdings Corporation, through its subsidiary Steel Corporation of the Philippines, holds the trademarked copyright for the brand name GALVALUME55®.

GALVALUME55® is a 55% aluminum, 43.5 aluminum, 1.5% silicon coated sheet steel developed by Bethlehem Steel and sold commercially under the trademark GALVALUME55®, starting in June 1972. Bethlehem Steel later licensed other major steel companies to produce and sell the product using its patents and technology.