Philsteel Group of Companies

Organizational Development Specialist

APPLY NOW VISIT OUR LINKEDIN JOB SUMMARY:    We are seeking an Organizational Development Specialist to join our team in Makati. This is a full-time, on-site role where you will be responsible for designing and implementing strategies to improve organizational performance and development. As an Organizational Development Specialist, you will work closely with HR, management teams, and employees to identify issues and develop effective solutions for improving workplace culture, performance, and productivity.   Duties and Responsibilities:    • Prepares the documentation of Table of Organization and Job Descriptions. • Ensures proper filing and archiving of all Table of Organization and Job Descriptions. • Prepares and maintains record of High Potential employees and coordinates with Functional Heads on their training and development plans. • Monitors and updates development program of all employees. • Assists in the conduct of job analysis by reviewing the Job Description versus actual job/task. • Assists in the implementation of OD Programs as approved by the Management.  Qualification    • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Organizational Development, Psychology, Business Administration, or a related field. • At least 1years of experience in organizational development, HR, or a related field. • Strong knowledge of organizational behavior, change management strategies, and employee relations. • Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing successful OD programs, including needs assessments, performance management, training, and knowledge management. • Knows how to create Job Description and Table of Organization. • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills. • Experience in coaching, mentoring, and conflict resolution. • Strong analytical and decision-making skills. • Experience in the manufacturing or construction industries is advantage • Willing to work onsite and working schedule of Mon-Sat

Organizational Development Supervisor

APPLY NOW VISIT OUR LINKEDIN JOB SUMMARY:    Assists the OD Manager in the Development and implementation of Plans & Programs in the field of Organization Development (OD) to include • Organizational Review and Design to include preparation of TO’s and JD’s, • Implementation Performance Management & Reward System, • Succession Planning, • Competency Assessment, • Development of Employee Retention Programs, • Culture Development and Corporate Values Enhancement • Planning, analysis, review, update of Manning complement and TO.   Duties and Responsibilities:    • Assists the Functional Heads in the update of Organizational Charts for all functional departments. • Assists the Functional Heads in the review of Job Descriptions based on current tasks and job functions of the incumbents. • Oversees the file keeping of approved Table of Organization and Job Descriptions. • Assists in the preparation, update of Policies and Procedures. • Consolidates and documents the annual KRA/KPIs as reference to future Performance Reviews by the Functional Heads. • Coordinates the implementation of semi-annual and annual individual performance reviews by the Functional Heads. • Assists in the implementation of the Reward Program for performing employees • Monitors the implementation of Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) for non-performing employees. • Assists the Functional Heads in identifying High-Potential (HI-POs) employees based on the established criteria and maintains an updated record of the identified HI-POs employees with their corresponding individual development plans. • Assists in documenting the Succession Planning and Career Management Programs. • Assists in the implementation of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for identified HI-POs to assume higher roles and responsibilities.  Qualification    • Graduate of BS Psychology, Behavioural Science, Human Resources Management or related courses. • With a Master’s Degree in any of these fields is advantage. • At least 7 years of work experience in performing OD functions gained from manufacturing companies or OD Consulting Firms. • Knowledgeable of OD Principles, Interventions and Change transitions. • Know-how in the preparation of Policies and Procedures. • Training experience is an advantage. • Must have Culture development and employee engagement experience.


APPLY NOW VISIT OUR LINKEDIN JOB SUMMARY:    We are seeking a reliable, organized, detail-oriented encoder to join our growing team. Candidate should be a focused, quick thinker who can comfortably handle and process large quantities of data accurately and effectively.    Duties and Responsibilities:    Accurately and efficiently encode all data that needs organizing and recording  Confirm that entered data accurately aligns with original documentation  Organize and maintain original paper evidence  Assure files are properly prepared and saved to backup drives  Transcribe, scan or photocopy hard copy documents and forms as needed  Self-audit your work checking for errors or duplication  Organize files in a logical and manageable fashion  Adhere to and meet set schedules and deadlines  Input, track, and maintain all encoded data and records  Perform any other office tasks that management requires assistance with (sending emails, answering phones, etc.)  Report any major errors or inconsistencies to upper management  Maintain report logs of in-progress and/or completed work   Qualification    College level, any field  At least one (1) year of working experience  Computer literate with experience using Microsoft Suite and other data entry programs (Excel, Access)  Can encode data with speed and accuracy  Ability to quickly process and organize information  High attention to detail  Able to effectively time-manage and prioritize tasks  Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills  Willing for Project Based 

Credit Investigator

APPLY NOW VISIT OUR LINKEDIN JOB SUMMARY:  The Credit Investigator gathers accurate and reliable information from trusted sources such as but not limited to bank databases and public records. Conducts investigation and verification of credit background to obtain complete and factual information determining the creditworthiness of customers.  DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES:  Gather and validate customer information through credit investigation process. Conducts personal interview and gathers credit information from information bureaus and other offices.  Conducts credit checks with banks, trade references, and suppliers to be able to determine the historical experience and paying habits of the credit applicant.  Conducts ocular inspections of business premises, projects, and allied businesses and verify the legal existence of credit applicants.  Prepares weekly & monthly CI schedule.  Deliver accurate and reliable credit investigation reports.  Able to establish a rapport with credit customers, trade suppliers, and other related credit offices and agencies.  Qualification:  At least a graduate of a 4-year business course.  With at least two (2) years of general relevant experience in either research or investigation specific to credit administration.  One (1) year of which should be in credit investigation work and well versed in provincial and Metro Manila routes.  Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.  Superior customer service, research, analytical, and investigative skills  Able to handle work pressure, flexible, and highly productive  Has creative thinking and problem resolution  Patient and able to relate to all levels in the organization 

Sales Manager

APPLY NOW VISIT OUR LINKEDIN JOB SUMMARY:  The Sales Manager is tasked to manage nationwide sales of Steel Materials ( Appliance Manufacturing companies, automotive body fabrication, and assembly, air ducting’s & tanks assembly, etc..).  Duties and Responsibilities: :  Develops, implements, and monitors the annual sales plan for the Industrial Market and is accountable for the attainment of Budgeted Sales Volumes for his group.  Provides verified market data on Competitor prices for submission to the Pricing Committee.  Assures achievement of his Monthly Sales Targets and takes action to correct the underperformance of his Sales Supervisors.  Monitors market situation in his market, including competitors’ activities, and recommends strategies to the Sales Head to maintain market dominance.  Manages the Sales Supervisors under him and ensures that they meet their sales targets for their assigned accounts.  Conducts training for his Sales Supervisors to ensure that they are properly equipped with the skills needed to competently perform their duties and responsibilities.  Ensures that his Sales Supervisors are productive and effective and that they maintain a high degree of integrity and honesty in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.     Qualification:  Graduate of BS Civil Engineer or Architecture  At least 10 years of sales of steel materials to fabricators, roll formers, appliance manufacturing companies, automotive body assembly, air ductings and tank assembly, etc.,   5 years of which must be in sales management positions.  Registered Civil Engineer is a plus  Must be knowledgeable in Sales Strategies, Strategic Planning, Customer Satisfaction, Competitive Pricing,  Willing to report onsite and Makati and travel throughout NCR. 

Accounting Manager – Cebu Based

APPLY NOW VISIT OUR LINKEDIN JOB SUMMARY:   Directs and manages all day to day Treasury and Credit & Collection Functions of the Companies within the Company as follows (i) cash management to include scheduling of disbursements for each Company of the Group (ii) Credit & Collection Management (iii) Bank relations to include identifying and negotiating with banks and other potential sources of funds and credits for the establishment of working capital, letter of credit (L/C) and other loan or credit lines of the Companies (iv) investment of excess or investible funds, including the optimization of earnings or yields thereon, of the companies, (v) proper documentation recording, monitoring, reporting and control of all treasury transactions of the companies.  Duties and Responsibilities:  Cash Management:  Directs and supervises the Cash Management functions for all companies within the group.  Ensures that all companies are preparing Daily Cash Position report, Collection Report and Checks Issuance Report  Ensures accuracy and prompt submission of treasury report for all companies of the group.  Bank Relations:  Supervises the opening, documentation, maintenance and control of all deposit, trust, special deposit account and other bank accounts with various banks and other financial institutions of the companies.  Recommends the bank accounts or investment instruments as well as the banks or financial institutions in which to which to invest or place excess or investible funds.  Negotiates for competitive interest rates, bank fees and other charges on all deposit, excess funds placement, disbursement, and other cash management transactions of the companies.  Import / Export:  Direct and supervises the Import / Export Section of the Treasury Dept.  Negotiates, arranges and renews credit facilities for the import, hedging and other foreign trade financing requirements of the companies.  Supervises the processing, documentation, tracking and control of all availments, amendments, negotiations and other transactions relating to the import hedging and other foreign trade financing facilities of the companies.  Financing & Other Credit Functions:  Negotiates with banks and other potential sources of funds and credits for the establishment of loan, credit and other financing lines / facilities for the working capital and other financing and credit requirements of the companies as well as supervises the opening and renewal.  Supervises the processing, documentation, tracking and control of all availments, payments and other transactions relating to the working capital loan and other financing and credit facilities of the companies.  Credit & Collection Functions:  Supervises the Credit Admin. Supervisor and ensures that all accounts have updated credit lines and facilities based in Credit Investigations conducted.  Ensures that Daily Reports are submitted to the Sales Head / Sales Manager on Outstanding Accounts Receivables in order to guide them in their collection functions.  Administrative Functions:  Ensures that his supervisors (i) have updated job descriptions and KRA’s / KPI’s (ii) are regularly appraised for their performance; (iii) receive appropriate training; and (iv) comply with set company rules and regulations.  Regularly reviews and updates existing policies and procedures of treasury and Credit & Collection and recommends revisions if needed.    Qualification:  Holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Accounting or Banking and Finance.  With at least 10 years of experience in a Managerial capacity, in Treasury and Credit Collection Functions in a Group of companies or big Manufacturing firm.  With excellent network of contacts or professional relationships with banks and  Has a well-established network and relationship across the industry to include the Banking Community. 

Maintenance Manager

APPLY NOW VISIT OUR LINKEDIN JOB SUMMARY:   Oversee the execution of mechanical maintenance jobs with the highest level of quality, safety and effectiveness at minimum cost to maximize availability of CGL and FINISH LINE through continuous improvement and preventive maintenance systems/procedures. Includes maintenance of Utilities of the Plant.   Duties and Responsibilities:    Implements all mechanical maintenance and repairs works of fixed and moving equipment’s and machines of the plant through effective methodology according to priorities, required resources and skills to meet the planned levels of cost, reliability, safety and quality.  Ensures that all equipment and machines have been fully inspected, tested, clean and safe to meet operational requirements immediately after completion of mechanical maintenance repairs. Expected as well from the role is the proper hand-over to Production  Directs the preparation of required documentation, including JOB ORDER creation and reports on the mechanical maintenance work order form reflecting repair, consumption of materials, tools, man hours and skills, Directs the proper maintenance of plant equipment’s and machines through continuous improvement and preventive maintenance systems/procedures to ensure that its availability matches that of its required output.  Develops strategies to eliminate the causes of repetitive mechanical maintenance problems to improve machine and equipment reliability and the plant production targets.  Creates and maintain a good working environment and relationship within the area to promote and improve the motivation level and commitment to work.  Ensures that quality, health and safety incidents and environmental breaches that concern the mechanical area are fully investigated and reported in compliance to established QMS and EHSMS and a particular responsibility to cooperate with the commitment of the Management to the QMS and EHS Management Systems  Performs other duties as may be assigned by his superior from time to time   Qualifications:  Mechanical Engineering Graduate, and  MUST  be a Registered Mechanical Engineer / Licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer.  At least TEN (10) work years’ experience in Maintenance Management and Hands-on trouble shooting.  Solid understanding of PLC, Industrial computer programming / software development / other applications.  Total Productive Maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance Systems  Preferably Trained in ISO 90001: 2015 Quality Management 

Plant Manager – Bulacan Based

APPLY NOW VISIT OUR LINKEDIN JOB SUMMARY:    Responsible for the management of all plant activities to include:  (1) Production, (2) Engineering & Maintenance, (3) Technical Services (QA/QC), (4) Personnel & Admin Services, and administrative management of Plant Logistics (Production Planning, Dispatch & Warehousing) and Plant Cost Accounting.    Duties and Responsibilities:     1) Prepares the annual budget for the Plant in consultation with his Functional Heads and presents this to the Excom for approval. 2) Conducts regular meetings with his Functional Heads, monitors their performance, coaches them and ensures effective performance of their functions. 3) Manages and controls the expenses of the plant, ensuring that these do not go beyond approved budgets. 4) Ensures the safety and security of all plant resources, assets, and personnel. 5) Promotes productivity and harmonious relations with all plant personnel. 6) Reviews the Organization and recommends ways to better organize the plant in order maximize human resources. 7) Manages the implementation of ISO and Productivity Programs for make the plant more effective. 8) Together with his Functional Heads, reviews and recommends improvements in business processes and Policies & Procedures. 9) Ensures that all personnel abide by the Code of Conduct and Policies & Procedures and instills discipline within the plant.    Qualifications:    Engineering Degree Holder, must be B.S. in Electrical Engineering  With good background in Automation gained through formal training or work experience.  Minimum 10 years of work experience in plant management from the heavy manufacturing industries.  With strong Leadership Ability and a Hands-On Management Style.  With good analytical ability to be able to plan, analyze and recommend plant  Improvement programs.  Must be highly results oriented and resourceful.  Must have the initiative to improve business processes in the plant.  Must be willing to be based in the plant

Production Supervisor

APPLY NOW VISIT OUR LINKEDIN JOB SUMMARY:  The Production Supervisor assists the Plant Manager in the planning, leading and organizing of all functions and activities in the Production Department. He/She ensures that the production schedules are carried out in order to achieve the production volume target.   Duties and Responsibilities:  Assists the Plant Manager in ensuring that appropriate measures are being met in the Production Department such as (1) Production management (2) Basic machine maintenance (3) Housekeeping and safety (4) Management of production personnel  Preparation of Production Department’s annual budget  Providing guidance and sharing of best practices with subordinates  Ensuring that Leadman and Operators are provided with appropriate work tools  Coordination with Production Scheduler and ensures the immediate completion of production schedule and commitment  Provides guidelines and implements safety rules of workers and equipment  Ensures the correctness of produced product based on the Job Order requirement  Monitors and enforces the company policies and procedures  Reviews and develops Production System and Policies together with the guidance of the Plant Manager  Provides information and reports to the Maintenance Department regarding machine trouble  Coordinates with the Human Resources Department regarding personnel related concerns  Identifies work hazards that can affect the production area   Qualifications:    Bachelor’s degree holder in Industrial Engineering or any Engineering courses  At least 5 years of experience in the metal and roofing industry  Should have knowledge in sheet metal roll-forming, slitting, and bending operations  Good communication and supervisory skills, and can relate with all levels in the organization  Results oriented, computer literate and can adapt in a high pressured environment.