What is Total Coated Thickness (TCT) or TOTOONG KAPAL?

Total Coated Thickness (TCT) or TOTOONG KAPAL is the accurate thickness that measures the combined thickness of the steel (KAPAL NG BAKAL) and the metallic coating (kapal ng zinc at aluminum). Base Metal Thickness (BMT) measures the “kapal ng bakal”.

Philsteel became a trailblazer when it introduced GALVALUME® 55, the first 55% aluminum and zinc alloy coated steel sheet that provides superior roofing protection for Filipinos. Manufactured by Philsteel’s subsidiary Steel Corporation of the Philippines, GALVALUME® 55 is the only metallic-coated roofing sheet that has passed the stringent requirements of the Philippine National Standard for

Metallic – Coated Steel for Roofing (55% AL/ZN) (PNS 67: 2014).

To assure Filipinos that they are getting “Totoong Kapal”, Steel Corporation of the Philippines prints the actual Total Coated Thickness on the sheet allowing the consumer to know exactly the thickness of the roofing sheet they are buying.

GALVALUME® 55 coating is composed of 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon, a superior composition compared to ordinary galvanized iron sheets.

The GALVALUME® 55 coating composition provides superior roofing protection including:

•     3 to 6x longer rust protection

•     High heat reflectivity, reducing the cost of electricity.

•     Original silvery finish lasts for a longer period

Engr. Ronaldo S. Ison, the president of the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP), and a Specialist Structural Engineer of the Institute of Specialist Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ISSEP) recommends consumers and builders to know the Total Coated Thickness before selecting their roofing material.

“Alamin ang Total Coated Thickness o TCT- Ang Totoong Kapal ng Yero.  Ang TCT at wastong pagkabit ay garantiya upang masiguro ang proteksyon ng inyong pamilya.”

Heeding this reminder from one of the country’s leading experts will prevent end-users not to be misled by false claims by substandard metal roofing, and will give everyone peace of mind against the onslaught of extreme heat and strong typhoons.


Galvalume 55 is available at all leading Hardware Stores nationwide!

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