Galvalume 55 Product Info

GALVALUME® 55, the first 55% aluminum and zinc alloy coated steel sheet that provides superior roofing protection for Filipinos; conforms to the requirements of the Philippine National Standard for Roofing (PNS 67: 2014), offering peace of mind against the onslaught of extreme heat and heavy rainfall.

Unlike GI sheets with only zinc coating, GALVALUME® 55 coating is composed of 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon.   This composition provides superior roofing protection including:

  • Superior rust protectionGalvalume® 55 roofing sheet provides 3 to 6x longer protection against rust compared to ordinary GI giving the customer a longer service life for his roof.
  • High heat reflectivityGalvalume® 55 roofing sheet has superior reflectanceof the sun’s heat, allowing a cooler environment inside the house, greatly reducing the cost of electricity.
  • Retains original silvery finish for a longer periodGALVALUME® 55 roofing sheet retains its shine and silvery finish making your roof look new for a longer period of time.